Forest Collection: By the Lake

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I visited Northern Israel over Sukkot and was inspired by scenes around the Jordan River. The view  was breathtaking. I decided to create one of the scenes in fabric. It’s an impressionistic rendering, but I think you will agree you can wade through the water to the edge of the trees. I used cotton fabric to create this quilt art. The batting is cotton as well. If you are interested in purchasing it, contact me here or via my Etsy store: where you will see other pieces of mine that are also up for sale.
Here is a photo of “By the Lake”.


Watercolor Challah Cover


My newest inspiration, with Chanukah on it’s way, is a Challah Cover made from a Watercolor Motif. I think it came out really lovely. I used 120 different 2″ squares to assemble this piece topped with gold lame candlesticks. I think it makes an elegant wedding gift or perhaps you are looking to perk up your own Shabbot table. Treat yourself to this unique, handmade intricate piece of art that is both functional and beautiful. In addition it is practical and is easily cared for.  You can also hang it on the wall if you don’t want to risk putting it on the table.

If you want to make one of these yourself contact me. I am now offering a class in Watercolor challah covers! The class will meet for 6 hours (3 sessions of 2 hours) and I will supply the materials. Contact me for additional details. 052-337-4078.
Learn the technique and make a matching table runner on your own.

Maple leaf quilt

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I can actually call this an art quilt now. I spent time arranging my fall-color leaves on a fabric canvas. Then, using thread painting,  I added veins to the leaves and pebbles to the background. It’s a nice, quick project that came out well.

More on landscapes


I needed a break from the landscape project, so I worked with fall-color maple leaves and also made a watercolor Challah cover in the meantime. I went back to the landscape with new energy and ideas and here is a photo showing what it looks like after some thread painting has been applied.

Notice the trees — I gave them some texture and lightened them so they aren’t the focus anymore. I will eventually work on the bridge so it becomes the center of attention.

Look at the trees in the background. A little corner on the right does not yet have thread painting. You can see the difference. The thread painting, done with variegated thread, yarns, and tulle adds a third dimension to the trees. Without it, the trees on the right look flat.

I’ve done some work on the brush on the hills. I shall let it sit a little on my design board till I decide if it is enough or needs more dimension. I’ve played with some of the highlighting throughout, particularly on the right.

Maple Leaves in Fall Fabric

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Now that I have some fall leaves — albeit in fabric, I shall make an Art Quilt from it. Watch for it! I will soon post it on eBay. I will need to thread paint the veins of the leaves and … Well, you’ll see it soon enough. It’s a nice, fun project. I love quilting.