Learning How to Draw: Help Make My Quilts More Realistic


I’ve been steadily working through The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards. I’ve never taken a professional drawing class and thought I could pick up pointers and good insights into my own art by following the steps in this book. It’s been great. I am watching myself draw — something I never thought I could do. More


Art vs Craft and What About Style?

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I belong to a quilters list that has lately been discussing the difference between art and craft. Some of the quilters claim they are not artists, rather they create craft. More

How About a Quilted Customized Key Chain?

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I spent the day making customized key chains. Each key chain is a different patchwork or crazy quilt pattern. It was a fun, creative project and I enjoyed coordinating colors while using up scraps. It is not too hard to make or very time consuming.

The nicest touch is that they can be personalized, so they make cute gifts. I figured out how to use the embroidery feature on my sewing machine and I can add names, initials and short messages to each key chain. Here are some samples.


Quilted Bag Collection


I’ve been really busy these last few days filling my quilted bag collection on my Etsy shop. I have new cosmetic bags to help organize your stuff. I keep all the things that always disappear in the bottom of my purse in these cosmetic bags. They are really cute  — quilted and colorful. The best part is the are affordable. I even added a charm on the zipper to add some pizazz. So far I have four different patterns and there are more to come. More

Critiquing my Quilt Art

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Quilting Arts Magazine asked  about critiquing our quilt art work: with whom we meet to be critiqued and if this process is helpful and useful.

My family members offer the best critiques of my quilt art. My husband, an engineer, and my oldest daughter cannot look at my art quilts without checking the perspective. Artistic license is not a relevant excuse. The lines must be right or the work is rejected and sent back for corrections… Though somewhat drastic, I find their artistic critiques helpful and true. My son-in-law has his own way of viewing my work. His overview is also very helpful as well. Together with my son and youngest daughter they are all my cheering committee. Without their support and belief in me I would not keep going.

Thanks all of you <my ducks>!

Art Quilting Bucket List

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Pokey, from Quilting Arts Magazine asked what would be on our Art Quilting Bucket List, so here goes…

This year I made a conscious choice not to return to my hi-tech job and instead to try to quilt as a career.

My bucket list would be to figure out how to actually succeed at making a living at quilting. But not just quilting. I don’t want to make the small stuff that people think is nice to have and buy here and there. I want to create art quilts to die for and become known as the one who does those amazing scenes from the Holyland.

Here is my first attempt. What do you think?

For purchase, see http://www.etsy.com/listing/63133452/scenes-from-israel-handmade-quilted.

At the risk of being political… Israeli paratrooper killed


This post isn’t about quilting. This post, at the risk of being political, is about an Israeli paratrooper named Nadav Rotenberg, who was killed by IDF mortar fire on Friday night. He was defending our border with Gaza where Hamas terrorists attempt to target IDF troops on patrol on a daily basis. He became another Gaza casualty. More

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