About CindyRQuilts

My name is Cindy Richard. My quilting over the last 15 years has been a passionate hobby.

Recently I decided to shift from working as a technical writer in hi-tech and follow my creative inclinations. It has been an inspiring, cathartic experience!

I have always gravitated to less traditional techniques, using muted colors, varying tones and three-dimensional perspective to achieve an impressionistic quality. I love the idea that I can use fabric to paint a scene with depth. I feel I can cross into the mountains I piece and bask in the sunlight.

I am especially drawn to scenes from places that have touched my life and journeys I have made. These are often reflected in my work.

I invite you to visit my Flickr Gallery to view my collection of art that is both beautiful and functional. Each piece is unique and can be customized to your specific color choices and size.

I also teach quilting. I love sharing the knowledge I have gleaned through the years with new friends. I find quilting draws people together from all over the world forming a close bond between people who share this passion. The spark that comes from imparting this knowledge is as inspiring as the craft.

Feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging ideas.

Thanks, Cindy

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