I needed a break from the landscape project, so I worked with fall-color maple leaves and also made a watercolor Challah cover in the meantime. I went back to the landscape with new energy and ideas and here is a photo showing what it looks like after some thread painting has been applied.

Notice the trees — I gave them some texture and lightened them so they aren’t the focus anymore. I will eventually work on the bridge so it becomes the center of attention.

Look at the trees in the background. A little corner on the right does not yet have thread painting. You can see the difference. The thread painting, done with variegated thread, yarns, and tulle adds a third dimension to the trees. Without it, the trees on the right look flat.

I’ve done some work on the brush on the hills. I shall let it sit a little on my design board till I decide if it is enough or needs more dimension. I’ve played with some of the highlighting throughout, particularly on the right.