May the Judging Begin: Quilt entered in contest

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I mailed my Crab photos today. Maybe The Crab will be selected. Thanks to all who commented for your insight and help. January 21, 2011 the magazine will announce the finalists.

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Now, on to the next project…



The Crab is Done!

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The thread painting is done and the quilting is completed. The binding is bound and… I finished the crab!!!!

I will soon be sending off my photos. I hope my work is considered. We shall see… later in January.


Another Crab Siting

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Ok, so the crab is in the shadows and the sun, but who took away the rocks? This time I went for grass and rocks. Here is the current result.

I can show this without the rocks as well. Here goes.

Which one???
I still need to deal with the top, left corner. Looking forward to your thoughts.


Fiber Art Is Freeing

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The difference between drawing with charcoal and drawing with thread on fabric is that you can touch the fabric. The textures can be an inspiration; the feel of the fabric and the smooth quality and softness can send your creative juices soaring. That’s my fiber thought of the day!

The Crab in its Background


It took me quite awhile to figure out what to do with the area surrounding my Crab. I tried large stones, dark stones, light stones and all these pulled the focus away from the Crab. See…So I got an idea that if the background became muted it would enable the Crab to pop more and would still have a feel of stones and pebbles. Enter, tulle in many colors. I have yet to finish all the thread painting, but I think this it the direction. Let me know what you think.

More later… Signing off for now.

The Crab Come Alive


Every project goes through the same metamorphosis. I find a subject that inspires me. With gusto I go at the project. I choose the perfect fabrics. I do all the tracing and preparation work.  I begin to assemble all the little pieces of fabric, and I look at my project and think, “What was I thinking! This looks like a cartoon!”
Well, this crab project did not fail me. I got to the stage where I looked at the project and thought, this crab looks like ET! I started thinking a duck might work instead…
After a break, I was drawn to my sewing machine and began to add color and texture to the crab. Remarkably, it now actually looks like a crab! So, here is a photo in progress of my crab.The background needs attention, but at least I have something to work with now.

Here is a question: Should the background be lighter? Can you see the crab or is it too camouflaged?

I would like to give credit to Aharon Zuckerman, who photographed this crab somewhere in Israel and then graciously said I could use it as the subject for a quilt. Thanks, Aharon.
This is the original photo.

Quilt Contest


I am going to enter into a contest. I need to make a 12″ x 12″ quilt of a pet or animal in the wild.

I thought I narrowed it down, but I just don’t know. I am now adding a duck and a crab to the list. The crab is amazing! Maybe that’s the one? I already had a bird, a turtle and a cat in a bowl.

So far I have heard from two people. They say the cat and the bird are good choices. Thanks for responding, Amy and Lynn!

What do you think??? It should be endearing and catch the eye. And, I should still be able to create it in fabric. More comments, anyone?

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