Egyptian Revolution Blues by Sandy Cash

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Sandy Cash just came out with a brilliant, timely song about the current unrest in Egypt called Egyptian Revolution Blues. Don’t underestimate all the subtle and not-so subtle nuances of the story she retells. I’d say this is her best. It’s great! Take the time for a listen.

As Sandy says, “There’s not much time… after all, by tomorrow, everything could change!”

Visit Sandy at:


Round Robin Quilt

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I agreed to join a round robin quilt with the Quiltsy Team on Etsy. The idea is that everyone who participates makes a block and helps assemble it into rows. Then someone connects all the rows. Someone else quilts it and it goes up for sale in the Team store. Proceeds help to promote the members art. It’s a nice idea and it is a way to meet other quilters around the world. I am looking forward to it.

TAFA Video and Map Released

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The TAFA list has released a video that includes many of the TAFA member’s work. This is the link to view it. I have two pieces in the video.

The map shows where the members are situated. It is a truly international group of people linked together by textile arts. The map is a really nice touch. Check it out!,-76.640625&spn=137.884816,281.25&z=1&output=embed

It’s Raining… Passion Fruit!

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It’s finally raining in the Land. We have had three glorious days of stormy weather from north to south and the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) is finally getting a sip.

I went out to the garden and found the passion fruit vine had shed it’s fruit — almost as if it was raining fruit. I filled two baskets. That should be enough for awhile since I am the only one in our family who likes them. Anyone have some good recipes for them? I usually eat them straight up.

They might make a nice subject for a quilt. I’ll have to mull that one over.

Enjoy the rain!



Learning How to Draw: Help Make My Quilts More Realistic


I’ve been steadily working through The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards. I’ve never taken a professional drawing class and thought I could pick up pointers and good insights into my own art by following the steps in this book. It’s been great. I am watching myself draw — something I never thought I could do. More

Art vs Craft and What About Style?

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I belong to a quilters list that has lately been discussing the difference between art and craft. Some of the quilters claim they are not artists, rather they create craft. More

How About a Quilted Customized Key Chain?

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I spent the day making customized key chains. Each key chain is a different patchwork or crazy quilt pattern. It was a fun, creative project and I enjoyed coordinating colors while using up scraps. It is not too hard to make or very time consuming.

The nicest touch is that they can be personalized, so they make cute gifts. I figured out how to use the embroidery feature on my sewing machine and I can add names, initials and short messages to each key chain. Here are some samples.


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