This post isn’t about quilting. This post, at the risk of being political, is about an Israeli paratrooper named Nadav Rotenberg, who was killed by IDF mortar fire on Friday night. He was defending our border with Gaza where Hamas terrorists attempt to target IDF troops on patrol on a daily basis. He became another Gaza casualty.

Two years ago, Israel led a defensive measure, Cast Lead, against these mortar attacks from Gaza. There was a slow down in the number of attacks and Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians but it never became quiet on this border. Lately the number of rockets flying into Israel have been on the rise.
If this situation existed between the US and Canada, do you think it would continue? And if we did miraculously manage a peace plan with Fatah, do you think Hamas in Gaza would honor that peace and the rockets would stop? (For more information, see

A reality I deal with daily is that my son is also a paratrooper. Any of our sons in combat could have been Nadav Rotenberg this weekend. Any of us mothers could have received this dreaded news. Is that what our 19-year-old sons should have to face so we can all live in some level of serenity? Is this what the mothers of our 19-year-old sons should have to fear?